Worldcoin Airdrop: Secure Your WLD Tokens


Worldcoin aims to build the world’s largest identity and financial network as a public utility, granting ownership to everyone. With a vision of a future where AI plays a significant role, the project emphasizes the development of essential infrastructure.

Join the Worldcoin community and claim your share of 7.5B WLD tokens in grants. By downloading the Worldcoin app and verifying your identity using an Orb, you’ll receive 26 WLD tokens instantly. Moreover, users can claim additional weekly airdrops. Both verified and unverified users have one year to claim their tokens.

Follow this Step-by-Step Guide to participate:

  1. Download the Worldcoin app for Android/IOS.
  2. Sign up and enter your details.
  3. Reserve 25 WLD Genesis Grant by clicking “Reserve for now.” The reserved tokens are claimable within one year.
  4. Verify your identity using an Orb, the imaging device that ensures uniqueness and authenticity. Earn an extra 1 WLD for completing the verification.
  5. Check settings and click “Find an Orb” to locate a nearby Orb. Regularly check the app for Orb availability.
  6. Also don’t miss weekly airdrops in the form of grants. Reserve them each week for future claiming after identity verification.
  7. Identity verification is a one-time process, granting access to all future airdrops.
  8. Continuously reserve tokens every week to maximize your rewards.
  9. Also verified Orb users can claim their tokens weekly as they become available.
  10. Note that the grants received after the Genesis grant may decrease over time.
  11. Alpha phase participants (May 2021 to January 2022) will receive an additional $20 worth of WLD tokens.
  12. To learn more about the airdrop, explore the Tokenomics section in the Whitepaper.


Lastly, Worldcoin’s airdrop presents a unique opportunity for users to be part of a revolutionary identity and financial network. Download the app, verify your identity with Orb, and claim your WLD tokens. Join Worldcoin today and embrace the future of decentralized ownership and empowerment!

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Prateek Shukla
Prateek Shukla

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