Sanctum Airdrop: The Ultimate Guide to Farming the Sanctum

Get ready for a unique and potentially lucrative crypto opportunity – the Sanctum airdrop! Think of it like a next-generation Tamagotchi: you earn points by nurturing digital pets that represent your staked Solana (SOL). These pets evolve as you hold them, potentially increasing your chances of a bigger airdrop reward.

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What is Sanctum?

Sanctum is a groundbreaking liquid staking platform built on the Solana blockchain. Liquid staking offers the benefits of staking (earning rewards for securing the network) without the usual lock-up periods. Sanctum has secured significant funding from major players like Dragonfly, Solana, and Sequoia, signaling a promising future for the project.

How to Farm the Sanctum Airdrop: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Connect Your Solana Wallet:
    • Start by visiting the Sanctum website.
    • Connect your Solana-compatible wallet like Phantom, Solflare, Jupiter, or Coin98.
Sanctum connect wallet
Sanctum deposit
  • Get Your Hands on Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs):
    • Each LST acts as your adorable airdrop pet and represents a specific amount of staked Solana.
    • You can purchase LSTs on the Sanctum platform or on decentralized exchanges like Jupiter.
sanctum lst
  • Watch Your Pets Thrive and Earn Experience Points (EXPs):
    • This is the fun part! Your pets automatically earn EXPs over time, based on the amount of LST you hold.
    • As pets gain EXP, they level up and may even evolve into new forms, potentially influencing your airdrop rewards.

Boosting Your Sanctum Airdrop Potential

  • Diversify Your Pet Collection: Holding different types of LSTs gives you multiple pets, maximizing your EXP earning opportunities.
  • Be Active on the Sanctum Platform:
    • Deposit your SOL into Sanctum’s Infinity Pools for additional rewards.
    • Trade LSTs on the platform to increase your activity level.
  • Stay Informed and Engaged:
    • Complete extra quests offered during Sanctum Wonderland Season 1 for weekly rewards.
    • Follow Sanctum’s social media channels for important announcements and airdrop updates.

Wrapping Up

The Sanctum airdrop presents a fantastic way to earn crypto rewards on the Solana blockchain while having fun with your digital pets. Get started now, watch your pets flourish, and stay tuned for upcoming airdrop news!

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