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Frequently Asked Questions​

In the crypto world, some companies giveaway free coins to their communities to make their projects more visible, increase the number of coins in circulation, and encourage trading. These giveaways are called airdrops.

Many of the airdrops we share are “bounty” drops, where you can earn tokens by doing simple tasks on social media (like joining a Telegram group or reposting on Twitter). It’s a win-win situation because the company gets free advertising, and you get free crypto. In some cases, you may also get rewarded just for holding a particular coin, without needing to do anything else in return.

Indeed, the claim process for airdrops can vary depending on the project. In some cases, there are “holder drops” where tokens are automatically distributed to the wallets of users who own a specific coin. On the other hand, certain projects use a snapshot-based approach, wherein users can only claim the airdrop if they held the required token during a snapshot taken at a specific time or block. This snapshot serves as a record of token holders and determines eligibility for the airdrop. It’s essential for users to stay informed about each project’s specific requirements and claim procedures to ensure they don’t miss out on any airdrop opportunities.

To participate in bounty airdrops, you’ll typically need active accounts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Additionally, having a account may be necessary, as some airdrops require participants to provide proof of ownership in forum threads. The process usually involves joining a Telegram group and sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve completed the necessary steps to reserve rewards, you may need to fill out a form with your username and wallet address to receive the tokens or coins.

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