Tapio Airdrop: Claim Your Free TAPIO Tokens and Tapio OG NFT

Tapio Finance is thrilled to announce the public testnet launch on Ethereum’s Goerli network, which is now live at https://test.tapio.finance! The testnet will be operational for 30 days until July 26th, 00:00 UTC, with the possibility of extension based on community and partner feedback, accompanied by additional rewards.

During this testnet phase, users can engage in both on-chain and off-chain tasks, earning rewards and qualifying for a $TAPIO airdrop upon the token and governance going live on the Mainnet. The tasks are accessible through the Zealy community board.

Tapio Finance prioritizes security and resilience in building the middle layer for LST liquidity, and the testnet deployment ensures that the protocol is thoroughly road-tested before the Mainnet launch. The following features are fully functional during this testnet:

  1. Mint tapETH: Users can deposit Goerli ETH, Goerli stETH, or Goerli rETH into Tapio Finance’s pools to mint tapETH.
  2. Swap: Easily exchange Goerli ETH, Goerli stETH, or Goerli rETH with low slippage and excellent exchange rates.
  3. Redeem tapETH: Users can redeem their tapETH for any combination of Goerli ETH, Goerli stETH, or Goerli rETH.
  4. Claim Rewards: Users can claim tapETH rewards, including staking yield from underlying LSTs, as well as swap and redemption fees generated by the protocol.

In addition to these functionalities, Tapio Finance plans to integrate with testnet deployments of launch partners during the testnet phase, allowing users to experiment with tapETH in downstream DeFi applications.

Why and How to Participate?

Participation in the testnet is vital to gauge real-world usage and validate the protocol’s fundamental assumptions and functionality. Feedback on user interface, experience, and any encountered visual bugs is highly appreciated.

To incentivize participation, Tapio Finance offers a checklist of tasks, including on-chain and off-chain activities, which, once completed and validated on the Zealy Community Board, entitle users to rewards. Among the rewards is the exclusive Tapio OG NFT, symbolizing commitment to Tapio Finance and testnet participation.

Completing the tasks also grants users the following benefits:

  1. Tapio OG Discord Role: Ensuring access to future benefits and rewards.
  2. Tapio Finance Swag: Representing Tapio within the Ethereum and DeFi ecosystem with merchandise.
  3. $TAPIO Airdrop Eligibility: $TAPIO, the protocol token for governance, fee earning, and incentivization.
  4. Future Campaign Benefits: Potential bonuses or boosters for subsequent campaigns, including the Mainnet campaign – The Tapio Trek.

Important considerations for participants:

  • Ensure using the same Ethereum address/wallet for both the Testnet and connecting to Zealy for task completion verification.
  • Existing Discord and Twitter followers will automatically complete tasks within Zealy upon claiming individual quests.

Tapio Finance actively encourages the community to participate and contribute, and sharing the campaign increases your chances of receiving rewards.

For assistance, guides on acquiring Goerli ETH, Goerli rETH, and Goerli stETH are provided. The LayerZero bridge is an easy method, and using multiple faucets is also suitable.

Comprehensive tutorials on using Tapio’s dApp can be found at docs.tapio.finance

Stay updated by following Tapio Finance on Twitter, joining the Discord community, and exploring the Blog. Together, they aim to collaborate with anyone invested in the long-term future of Ethereum and liquid staking.

Website: https://tapio.finance

Documentation: https://docs.tapio.finance

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