Tabi Airdrop: Claim Free NFTs

Tabi is a revolutionary multi-chain NFT publishing and trading platform designed to foster decentralized connections between NFT creators, users, and consumers. Positioned as a value catcher in the crypto world and the ultimate gateway to Web 3.0, Tabi has successfully raised $11M in funding from notable investors such as Binance and Animoca Brands. While the platform currently does not have its own token, there are potential plans for a future token launch.

Embark on the Voyage Campaign for Free NFTs!

Join the exciting Voyage Campaign initiated by Tabi, where participants have the opportunity to earn free NFTs by completing simple tasks. By claiming these NFTs during the campaign, users might become eligible for potential future airdrops if Tabi decides to introduce its own token.

Experience the Future of NFTs with Tabi

Be a part of the cutting-edge multi-chain NFT ecosystem that Tabi has meticulously crafted. With a decentralized approach and a vision to shape the crypto world, Tabi is set to redefine the landscape of NFT publishing and trading.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this transformative journey into Web 3.0. Join Tabi now and explore the limitless possibilities of the NFT universe!

Get Started with the Voyage Campaign:

  1. Visit the Tabi website.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Change the network to BSC.
  4. Click on “Sailors quest.”
  5. Connect your Discord account, join their Discord channel, and claim the Voyager role.
  6. Connect your Twitter account, follow them, and make a post.
  7. Now, claim your free NFTs.
  8. Invite friends to earn even more NFTs.

Unlock the Mermaid Quest and zkSync Potential Airdrop:

Participate in the Mermaid quest and mint an NFT on zkSync ERA to become eligible for a potential zkSync airdrop. For more details on the Mermaid campaign, check out the provided article. Additionally, complete the Reddit quest to enhance your experience further.

Please Note:

Participating users who claim the NFTs during the Voyage Campaign may stand a chance to receive future airdrops if Tabi decides to launch their own token. However, it’s essential to remember that this is purely speculative, and there’s no guarantee of an Tabi airdrop or token launch.

Join Tabi now and dive into the world of multi-chain NFTs, where exciting opportunities await!

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Prateek Shukla

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