SubstanceX Airdrop: Earn SEX Tokens


Discover the decentralized finance (DeFi) revolution with SubstanceX airdrop campaign! As DeFi gains rapid popularity, SubstanceX takes the lead in promoting decentralization through its state-of-the-art trading platform. Also participate in SubstanceX testnet campaign for chance to earn free SEX tokens and enjoy superior product surpassing centralized exchanges. Embrace the future of finance and become a part of the decentralized trading movement with SubstanceX. Don’t miss this chance to join the airdrop and unlock the potential of DeFi!

Step-by-Step SubstanceX Airdrop Guide:

  1. Visit the SubstanceX Testnet Page: To get started, head over to the SubstanceX testnet page and embark on your journey towards decentralized trading.
  2. Securely connect your Arbitrum Goerli wallet to SubstanceX for total asset control.
  3. Claim Test Tokens from the Faucet: Click on the faucet located at the top right corner of the website to claim your test tokens, allowing you to test the platform’s functionalities without any real financial risks.
  4. Transfer Testnet Tokens to the Exchange Wallet: Navigate to your SubstanceX wallet and effortlessly transfer the testnet tokens from your wallet to the exchange wallet.
  5. Enable 1-Click Trading: Experience seamless and fast transactions by enabling the innovative “1ClickTrade” feature, eliminating the need for confirmation pop-ups during your trades.
  6. Explore Options and Perpetual Futures: Diversify your trading experience by delving into options and perpetual futures trading on the SubstanceX platform.
  7. Invest in SLP to Earn Energy Points: Engage with the platform and buy SLP (SubstanceX Loyalty Points) to earn energy points, which will enhance your chances of receiving SEX token rewards.
  8. Also submit Your Details to the Gleam Page: After completing the required tasks, submit your details to the gleam page to become eligible for the airdropped SEX tokens.
  9. Complete Social Tasks: Boost your chances further by completing social tasks to show your engagement and support for SubstanceX’s mission.

Reward Distribution

  • The top 35% of users with the highest energy points will share 300,000 SEX tokens.
  • The remaining 65% of users will also share 300,000 SEX tokens.
  • Top traders will be rewarded with 200,000 SEX tokens each for three weeks.
  • The rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the Token Generation Event (TGE).
  • Specific reward amounts for each address will be published on Twitter at the conclusion of the test activity.


SubstanceX’s ambitious vision for a decentralized trading platform sets it apart from traditional centralized exchanges. Also participate in their testnet campaign to explore the innovative features, earn energy points, eligible for the SEX tokens. Join the movement towards decentralization, and experience the future of trading with SubstanceX. For more detailed information, read SubstanceX’s Medium article. Embrace the revolution today!

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