Script Network Airdrop: Earn SPAY Tokens

Introducing Script Network, the premier blockchain-powered video delivery network that revolutionizes video content consumption. Join now to enjoy simultaneous video streaming while earning SPAY tokens as rewards for relaying videos to other users viewing the same content.

Participate in our exclusive airdrop and earn free SPAY tokens by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Script Network website.
  2. Click on “Sign in/Sign up” and connect your wallet to register.
  3. During sign-up, enter the referral code “2IoJwF7JNK” to unlock additional benefits.
  4. Verify your email to complete the registration process.
  5. Proceed to your dashboard and claim your rewards by scrolling down.
  6. Leverage the power of referrals to earn even more points and SPAY tokens.
  7. To maximize your rewards, follow these steps as outlined in our Medium article:
  8. Complete the provided testnet tasks, accumulating points for each task accomplished.
  9. Set up and run a node as per the instructions in our Whitepaper.
  10. Successfully complete Zealy quests to earn additional points.
  11. Don’t miss out on collecting a BearX Labs NFT to boost your points further.

Remember, the more tasks you complete, the more points you earn, ultimately contributing to higher SPAY token rewards upon launch.

Join Script Network now to embrace the future of video streaming and seize the opportunity to earn SPAY tokens while enjoying your favorite content. Be a part of this groundbreaking experience!

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Prateek Shukla
Prateek Shukla

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