Hord Airdrop: Unlock Free HORD Tokens


Discover Hord, a revolutionary decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that introduces the concept of tokenized pools through a unique single pool token, complete with ETH staking capabilities. Dive into the world of smart contracts crafted by the Hord team, giving rise to an array of innovative products like Hord ETH Staking Pool, Hord DEX, Viking DAO, Private Pools, and Champions Pools.

Unveiling the HORD Token’s Potential:

Uncover the hidden treasure within the DeFi realm – the HORD token. Additionally, this small-cap gem serves as a versatile tool for HORD governance, real yield DeFi opportunities, and various utilities, and with Hord token governance, early adopters hold a pivotal role in shaping the platform’s future. A noteworthy aspect of Hord’s ecosystem is the real yield integration, channeling 50% of platform-generated revenue back to HORD token holders.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hord’s GALXE Campaign:

Step 1: Dive into Hord’s GALXE Campaign
Visit the dedicated Hord GALXE campaign to embark on an exciting journey towards DeFi rewards.

Step 2: Engage in Task Completion
Also participate in various tasks carefully designed to foster community engagement. Tasks include joining Hord’s vibrant Discord community and staking ETH.

Step 3: Earn Points and hETH Rewards
As you complete tasks, watch your points tally increase. Additionally, your staked ETH efforts will be rewarded with valuable hETH.

Step 4: Early Users, Rich Rewards
Position yourself as an early adopter and reap the benefits. The accumulation of earned points translates into free HORD tokens, serving as a testament to your active participation and commitment.

Step 5: Snapshot for Future Rewards
Mark the date – September 15th – when a snapshot of eligible users will be taken. Also this snapshot captures your progress, paving the way for the distribution of free HORD tokens based on your accumulated points.


Hord’s DeFi protocol opens the door to tokenized pools and real yield opportunities, elevating your DeFi experience. So, Embrace the GALXE campaign, stake your ETH, and unlock the potential for free HORD tokens. As a participant today, you’re not just engaging in DeFi; you’re shaping its landscape alongside Hord’s forward-thinking ecosystem. Embark on your rewarding journey with Hord and seize the future of DeFi today.

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Prateek Shukla
Prateek Shukla

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