Extra Finance Airdrop: Claim Your FREE EXTRA Tokens Now

Introducing Extra Finance, your gateway to a cutting-edge leveraged yield farming (LYF) protocol powered by Optimism. With Extra Finance, you’re in control of your farming experience, crafting personalized strategies across a diverse array of farming pools. But that’s not all – we’re more than just a yield farming platform. Extra Finance doubles up as a lending protocol, where your deposited funds work for you, earning you lending interest.

Free EXTRA Tokens Await You!

So, are you ready for something extra special? We’re airdropping FREE EXTRA tokens to our early users and valued members of our ecosystem. It’s our way of saying thanks for being part of the Extra Finance journey. Whether you’re an early testnet user, a top Optimism ecosystem delegator, or a part of our vibrant community, you’re eligible to claim your share of EXTRA tokens.

Claiming Your FREE EXTRA Tokens is Easy:

  1. Head over to the Extra Finance airdrop claim page.
  2. Connect your Optimism wallet to get started.
  3. Click on the “Ex” logo located at the top right corner.
  4. So, If you meet the eligibility criteria, you’re in for a treat – claim your FREE EXTRA tokens based on your participation.

Who’s Eligible?

  • An early testnet user with valuable feedback (including randomly selected Galxe OATs holders)
  • A top Optimism ecosystem delegator
  • A dedicated member of the Extra Finance Community OG & Zealy Adventures
  • A winner of the TVL Contribution Event (Round 1&2)
  • A proud Velodrome User – both a liquidity provider AND a veVELO holder
  • A passionate leverage yield farming enthusiast

For all the juicy details about this exciting airdrop, be sure to check out our information-packed page.

Extra Finance is redefining yield farming and lending on Optimism, and we want you to be part of this revolution. Claim your FREE EXTRA tokens today and step into a world of limitless possibilities!

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Prateek Shukla
Prateek Shukla

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