Clipper Airdrop: Claim Your Free SAIL Tokens

Clipper, a groundbreaking DEX, reshapes trading by empowering self-made traders, restoring control over their journey in the market. Clipper breaks away from platforms favored by hedge funds and whales. Also it caters to small-to-medium trades (<$10K) on popular cryptoassets, emphasizing accessibility and inclusivity.

Step-by-Step Guide to Claim Your Share of 100 Million SAIL Tokens

  1. Visit the Clipper Airdrop Claim Page: Head over to the dedicated Clipper airdrop claim page to initiate your journey towards claiming your free SAIL tokens.
  2. Connect Your Ethereum Wallet: Seamlessly link your Ethereum wallet to the airdrop claim page, ensuring a secure and hassle-free process.
  3. Claim Your Free SAIL Tokens: If you meet the eligibility criteria, you’ll be granted the exciting opportunity to claim SAIL tokens, absolutely free. Eligible participants include Adventure Quests participants, Community members holding Trader and LP roles, as well as distinguished Discord role holders.
  4. Diverse Eligibility Criteria: Your eligibility to claim free SAIL tokens spans across various categories, including Adventure Quests participants, Community members occupying Trader and LP roles, victorious Pirates from Adventures 2 and 3 with added bonuses, and select Discord role-holders with enhanced token distribution.
  5. Instant Gratification and Vesting: You can instantly claim half of the total SAIL tokens dropped, filling your sails with immediate rewards. The remaining half will vest linearly over a 24-month period, ensuring a steady and rewarding journey ahead.

Transitioning into the World of Clipper

So, embrace the future of trading with Clipper – a DEX that’s designed exclusively for traders like you. Leave behind the era of high transaction costs and inaccessible platforms. And step into a realm where your trading dreams can truly set sail. Explore the official information page for a complete list of eligible users and detailed airdrop insights. Don’t miss out!

Also Clipper isn’t just a platform; it’s a movement empowering traders to navigate the vast crypto landscape independently. Join us on this exciting voyage and claim your well-deserved rewards today.

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Prateek Shukla
Prateek Shukla

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